Air (Pollution Prevention and Control) Act, 1981

This Act provides for the prevention, control, and abatement of air pollution and for the preservation of air quality.  Under the provisions of this Act, the CPCB shall lay down the standards for the quality of air and devise means to prevent, control, and abate pollution without any need to consult the State because air is a Central Government subject.  State Boards shall lay down the standards for emission of air pollutants in consultation with the Central Board and will act under the direction of Central Board.  The State Board will also advise the State Government about the suitability of any location for establishing any industry that is likely to cause pollution.  The CPCB has laid down emission standards.  Other provisions and procedures laid down in this Act are similar to those of the Water Act of 1974.

The Air (Pollution Prevention and Control) Amendment Act of 1987 was enacted to overcome the practical difficulties in implementing the provisions of the Air Act of 1981.  The changes incorporated in the Air Amendment Act are similar to the changes incorporated in the previously described Water Amendment Act,  In addition, in the amended Act, noise is also included in the definition of air pollutants and the provisions of the Act are made applicable to all industries. The original Air Act was applicable only to the industries specified in the Schedules.


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